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All Beginner Series

All Beginner Series

New to dance? Start here and have some fun with School's In, Master the Basics, and more!

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All Beginner Series
  • TRAILER: 2021 Happy New Year From The Space TV!

    Your Year - Your Space - The Space TV


    Your FREE TRIAL gives you UNLIMITED access to HUNDREDS of dance classes and content in ALL STYLES and ALL LEVELS. And don't worry, your card won't be charged until your free trial ends, and you can cancel at any ti...

  • TRAILER: Master the Basics: Beginner Fundamentals 7 Part Series / Krista Miller

    In this incredible 7 part beginner series you'll learn the fundamentals of technique, special trick tips, and more with master class teacher Krista Miller!
    Level: Beginner
    Your instructor: Master Teacher Krista Miller
    Take the first class in the series:

  • Master the Basics: Beginner Fundamentals: "ChassĂ©s" / Krista Miller Ep01

    Join Krista Miller for this exciting 7 part series, Master the Basics: Beginner Fundamentals. This first class is the chassé, one of the first and most important steps you learn as a dancer. The chassé is a skill you'll use for your entire dance career! This class breaks down the arm placement a...

  • Master the Basics: Beginner Fundamentals: "Pivot Turns" / Krista Miller Ep02

    The 2nd class in this 7 part series, is Pivot Turns, often called a Push-Turn. You'll learn how to execute this universal dance step that’s used in a variety of dance styles, by focusing on the transfer of your weight from one foot to another. When you're ready, be sure to take the next class in ...

  • Master the Basics: Beginner Fundamentals: "Grapevine" / Krista Miller Ep03

    The Grapevine is a fun, party-step used in multiple dance genres! In this class you'll learn the basic steps, and even add some chaîné turns in between! This step is a great social dance move, and an important basic step for dance technique!
    Your Instructor: Krista Miller

  • Master the Basics: Beginner Fundamentals: "Pas de bourrĂ©e" / Krista Miller Ep04

    The Pas de Bourreé is the most common step sequence in jazz technique, and it's used in multiple dance genres! Consisting of three steps, back, side, and front, you'll find pas de bourreés used in progressions across the floor, transitions into leaps, and crepes for turns!

    Your Instructor: Kris...

  • Master the Basics: Beginner Fundamentals: Kick Ball Change / Krista Miller Ep05

    Typically used as a basic step, kick ball change consists of a low kick and weight change from back to front. This fun step is often used in jazz technique for preps and transitions, but you'll find it in many dance styles!
    Your Instructor: Krista Miller

  • Master the Basics: Beginner Fundamentals Saut De Chat Leaps /Krista Miller Ep06

    A Saut De Chat Leap is the most basic of leaps and important to master before learning more advanced leaps! You'll work on exercises that improve the height of your jump and focus on the proper use of technique.
    Your Instructor: Krista Miller

  • Master the Basics: Beginner Fundamentals: "Showcase!" / Krista Miller Ep07

    Review the last six Basic Technique classes of series, then join Krista Miller as you combine the elements for a final showcase! Take this opportunity to show off your new moves and continue practicing everything you've learned, and when you're ready, jump in and start taking Krista's intermediat...

  • TRAILER - Jess & Lex's Beginner Series

    An all new beginner series with Jessica Richens and Alexis Gilbert, teaching you everything from Jazz, Contemporary, Jazz Funk, and Musical Theater, to working on your Turns, Flexibility, Warm Ups, and so much more!

    Your ins...

  • Jess & Lex's Beginner Series: "Warm Up" - Ep01

    You know 'em from "So You Think You Can Dance" and more, now you can join Jessica Richens & Alexis Gilbert in The Space TV's exclusive, all new Beginner Series. In this first class, you can work with Jess & Lex work on strengthening and stretching with their full body warm up to ensure you’re re...

  • Jess & Lex's Beginner Series: "Turns" - Ep02

    This class focuses on the fundamentals of turning. We start with how to spot, chaîné turn, piqué turn, and work up to doing a pirouette! This class is perfect for beginners who are eager to learn everything there is to know about being successful at turning! Remember to do our warm-up video befo...

  • Jess & Lex's Beginner Series: Jazz Funk - Ep03

    Although technique is very important, style and movement matter just as much! In this class, you’ll learn a high energy combination that focuses on grooves, dynamics, performance, and more! All the tools you need to grow confidence in your movement. Throw on your sneakers, let your hair down, and...

  • Jess & Lex's Beginner Series: "Lyrical" - Ep04

    Take a breather and join Jessica Richens in this feel-good beginner piece to an intimate rendition of “Never Enough.” This beautiful lyrical combo incorporates moments of breath and lets you focus on your quality of movement, all in which are essential features of Lyrical choreography!
    Level: Beg...

  • Jess & Lex's Beginner Series: "Stretch & Strength" - Ep05

    Have you struggled with balance during a leg hold? Do you want to improve your back flexibility? Then, you’ll love this class! You’ll go through strengthening & stretching exercises that will help you understand how important it is to combine both to execute flexibility tricks. You'll learn that ...

  • Jess & Lex's Beginner Series: "JAZZ!" - Ep06

    A fun, beginner Jazz routine with Jessica Richens! This high energy combo is a blast to learn and dance to... so get ready to perform, sass it up, and have fun!
    Level: Beginner
    Your instructor: Jessica Richens
    Assisted by Kaitlin Yamano

  • Jess & Lex's Beginner Series: "Musical Theatre" - Ep07

    Are you ready to have some fun? This upbeat musical theater combo is a blast to learn and perform for family or friends! We're taking it back to the 60's with some shimmy’s and jives!
    Level: Beginner
    Your instructor: Alexis Gilbert & Jessica Richens

  • School's In: Beginner Jazz / Jess & Lex - Ep01

    You'll love this all new 8 episode Beginner Series with Jessica Richens & Alexis Gilbert!
    In your first class, you'll learn the fundamentals of strong technique and jazz! We'll work on how to do a proper and confident jazz walk, pas de bureauxs, and pivot turns! Then, this class (and every class...

  • School's In: Jazz Turns Part 1 - Ep02

    Let’s focus on turns! There are so many ways you can incorporate turning into your jazz training. Make sure you keep your core tight, keep a specific spot, and have the right placement. Let's dive into how to execute chaîné turns, piqué turns, and how to prepare for a pirouette! We’ll end the cl...

  • School's In: Jazz Turns Part 2 - Ep03

    A continuation of your turns class, let's take it a step further and learn how to pirouette, coupé turn, and pencil turn! It may feel like you have to remember a million things at once, but with enough practice, it’ll all be second nature! As always, expect a short combination at the end of clas...

  • School's In: Jazz Battements & Leg Holds - Ep04

    Battements & leg holds are very popular elements in jazz! But it’s important to know that the height of the legs are not the most important part, it’s your technique that matters most! Once your technique is solid, you can start focusing on getting your legs more flexible. Learn to master these ...

  • School's In: Arabesques & PenchĂ©s - Ep05

    In this class let's focus on a very important jazz line: the arabesque! Then, we'll take it another step further and work on penchés. Don’t let penchés make you nervous, as we’ll go step by step to make sure you can execute them well. Be patient with yourself, these techniques can take time but w...

  • School's In "Beginner Jazz Leaps" - Ep06

    Leaps are all about strength, flexibility, and, ultimately.. effort! We break down how to take off for a leap and how to land correctly. You'll learn how to passé jump, split leap, and even do a firebird! Don’t worry, it sounds a lot harder than it is. Get ready to FLY in today’s class!
    Level: B...

  • School's In: "Floor Work" - Ep07

    When it comes to floor work, it is all about control. We don’t want to look like a floppy fish or bug when we go to the floor in the middle of combo, haha! So in this class, we'll learn how to stay in control, while transitioning to and from the ground. We’ll focus on rolling & sliding to the flo...