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  • Lyrical "To be Loved" / Mark Meismer

    A musically challenging combo with beautiful, slow, and gentle pacing. Find the softness of the combo as you stay on the lyrics and lengthen through each movement like a piece of thread that is seamless and beautiful. Take your time and revisit this one a few times as you imagine yourself in con...

  • Ballroom: "Cha Cha" / Lacey Schwimmer

    This is the exact Cha Cha taught at The Space Winter Intensive in 2021! Super sassy, super extra, and super fast - this Cha Cha has tons of basics but amps it up with attitude and flare!
    Level: Intermediate
    Assisted by: Kaitlin Yamano & Patience Highes

  • Lyrical: "Fall On Me" Class for #Watchbacks / Mark Meismer

    An aggressive, building, and full out combo that really moves and flies! Make sure your body matches the intensity as you stay in the pocket of the music, find that dynamic, and challenge yourself to soar into the new year! Remember to post your version of Mark's choreography for a chance to re...

  • Technique: "Conditioning" / Krista Miller

    Master the four basic principles of conditioning; stamina, balance, control, and power! Bringing it back to the basics with technical elements across the floor and in the center, this class will prepare us for the new year by helping us create a strong foundation.
    Level: Intermediate
    Assisted by:...

  • Jazz Funk: "Lawd Have Mercy" / Todd Flanagan

    This high-energy class combo will be fun to do with a friend. It’s groovy with sharp accents. Don’t forget to be yourself & bring your own personality.
    Level: Int/Adv.
    Assisted by: Austin Lee & Gracyn Phelps
    Music: "Lawd Have Mercy" Chloe Bailey

  • Lyrical: “Vienna” #WatchBacks / Mark Meismer

    Join master class instructor Mark Meismer for his #WatchBacks episode as he shares exclusive feedback to select students. Keep in mind this feedback can be applied to all of us, so Mark encourages you to retake his original class and apply what you've learned to refine your own progress after wa...

  • Trick Tips: "C Jump" / Krista Miller

    Learn how to execute a “C Jump” with Krista and her assistant Madeline. Let's look at the different body positions and the best ways to prepare and come out of the jump!
    Level: Advanced
    Assisted by: Madeline Underwood

  • Lyrical: "Young & Beautiful" / Mark Meismer

    Not your normal slow and pretty lyrical, this class brings you mid tempo moments with dynamic pockets. You'll find technical challenges throughout as you work on extensions, your technique and a hard turn in the end. Enjoy the mysterious tonality, as you embark on an aggressively accented journey...

  • Contemporary: "Easy On Me" / Lonni Olson

    This intricate choreography challenges your stamina while still making you feel good. Find connections between the movement and emotion, and allow yourself to make mistakes as you get lost in the moment.
    Level: Advanced
    Assisted by: Hylee Whitley

  • Technique: Hamstring Stretches / Krista Miller

    All levels are invited to join Krista Miller and her assistant Emma Smigel, in a class focused on hamstrings stretches! This is a great class to take before diving into any regular technique class.
    Level: All Welcome
    Assisted by: Emma Smigel

  • Jazz: "All I want for Christmas" / Mark Meismer ❄️🎄

    This class is about letting go. It's the holiday season and a chance for us to take a pause from all our worries and fears, and just have some fun dancing to a classic Christmas song. Let's share a smile and some laughter as you imagine you're on stage for a Christmas performance, in this super...

  • Christmas Jazz Combo: "Run Run Rudolph" / Alexis Gilbert ❄️🎄

    In the spirit of Christmas, join Alexis for a fun & festive Jazz combo! Focus on your clean lines and technique all while having a good time!
    Level: Intermediate
    Your Instructor: Alexis Gilbert
    Assisted by: Laci Stoico
    Music: "Run Run Rudolph" Kelly Clarkson

  • Contemporary: "Winter Song" / Kelley Guise ❄️🎄

    This classic, feel good, lyrical combo focuses on long lines. Get ready for some winter and Christmas themed vibes!
    Level: Intermediate
    Your Instructor: Kelley Guise
    Assisted by Shelby Patterson
    Music: "Winter Song" Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson

  • Technique with a Hint of Christmas / Krista Miller 🎄❄️

    Krista Miller brings you a classic, Christmas-themed, technique class, plus a special inside look at an exclusive class with our Launch students! After a warm up, we'll practice kick combos, pirouettes, leaps, and more! Happy Holidays 🎄❄️
    Level: Int/Adv.
    Your Instructor: Krista Miller
    Assisted b...

  • Lyrical: “One Moment in Time” / Mark Meismer

    You’ll feel like you’re in person with this unique chance to see in class footage from this combo as we learned it at The Brea Space. Stay true and authentic to lyrical dance as we work on classic and beautiful, ballet lyrical lines. Starting slow and quiet in the beginning, fly with your techniq...

  • TikTok Tuesday "The Assignment" / Todd Flanagan

    Showcase your personality and sass with this fun, new take on the viral trend
    Level: Int/Adv.
    Your Instructor: Todd Flanagan
    Assisted by: Ainsley Reagan Dobbs
    Music: "The Assignment" Tay Money

  • Jazz: "Feedback"/ Jessica Richens - Ep03

    Jessica is so happy to be back with The Space TV with this advanced jazz combo! Today's combo is fast and detail oriented, but so much fun. Pay attention to the counts, plus the “and” counts, and remember you can always rewind, pause, and go at your own pace!
    Level: Int/Adv.
    Your Instructor: Je...

  • Technique "Training" / Krista Miller - Ep58

    Take a classic technique class with Krista Miller and her assistants! From a warm up focused on strength and conditioning, to across the floor technique, this class covers it all.
    Level: Int/Adv.
    Your Instructor: Krista Miller
    Assisted by: Austin Lee, Isabella Bruno, Kaitlin Yamano, Kyleen MacCa...

  • Contemporary: "Love in the Dark" / Lonni Olson - Ep07

    An intricate and powerful contemporary class with Lonni Olson and her assistants Austin Lee & Lane Styles.
    Level: Int/Adv.
    Your Instructor: Lonni Olson
    Assisted by: Austin Lee & Lane Styles
    Music: "Love in the Dark" Adele

  • Trick Tips: "Scissor Arabesque Jump" / Krista Miller - Ep16

    Krista Miller's trick tips to work on your skills for scissor arabesque jumps!
    Level: Int/Adv.
    Your Instructor: Krista Miller
    Assisted by: Madeline Underwood

  • Lyrical: "To Love You More" #WatchBacks / Mark Meismer

    Join master class instructor Mark Meismer for this special #WatchBacks episode as he gives exclusive feedback to select students. And as always, keep in mind this feedback can be applied to all of us, so Mark encourages you to retake his original class and apply what you've learned to refine your...

  • Contemporary: "Kyoto" Kelley Guise

    This combo focuses on executing strong shapes within our movements to tell a clear story ... all while working with a mix of flow and structured choreography to match the vibe of this beautiful song. Do your best to go for the technical moments and make them memorable. Your movements to the son...

  • Jazz: “Crazy" / Mark Meismer

    A tight, fast, intricate Jazz combo. Work hard to stay on the music and keep your placement on the jazz lines. It’s high energy so remember to keep clean, clear pictures and be specific in your movement as you have fun with this one!
    Level: Intermediate
    Your Instructor: Mark Meismer
    Assisted by:...

  • "Strength & Conditioning" / Briar Nolet

    Get to know Briar Nolet with a fun Q & A, then take her class focused on strength & conditioning. Then we'll utilize what we've learned, and practice some jumps and floor work exercises.
    Level: Intermediate
    Your Instructor: Briar Nolet
    Briar Nolet is a Canad...