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  • NEW! Ballet: "Training" / Tara Ghassemieh - Ep11

    Join special guest Tara Ghassemieh and her assistant Jenna Sousa for a well-rounded ballet class that involves barre work and across-the-floor exercises.
    Level: Int/Adv.
    Your Instructor: Tara Ghassemieh
    Assisted by: Jenna Sousa

  • NEW! Lyrical “You Ruin Me” / Mark Meismer

    A heart wrenching, intense, and beautiful combo that flows seamlessly. Work to make the technical elements feel seamless and fluid as the music builds and you connect the choreography to your own personal story.
    Level: Int/Adv.
    Your Instructor: Mark Meismer
    Assisted by: Autumn Miller
    Music: “You...

  • NEW! TikTok Tuesday: "I Like It: Remix" / Todd Flanagan - Ep33

    A chance to add your own flavor to intricate choreography with sharp musicality.
    Level: Int/Adv.
    Your Instructor: Todd Flanagan
    Assisted by: Isidora Villagra & Isabella Bruno
    Music: "I Like It" Cardi B Remix by JRBITZ

  • NEW! Contemporary: "Better Days" / Lonni Olsen - Ep05

    This choreography comes from a very personal, special, and emotional place, as Lonni created it during a tough time. Her message to you, is that when you're going through something in life, there IS light at the end of the tunnel. When you find yourself in a dark place, do your best to not take l...

  • NEW! Lyrical: "My Heart Will Go On" / Mark Meismer

    A beautiful, breathy, effortless, lyrical taking a departure from the big tricks. This class features moments of technical challenge, but is a chance for you to work on your transitions, and find those beautiful moments that exist in simplicity. Remember to post your version of this class for Ma...

  • NEW! Trick Tips: "Progressions" / Krista Miller - Ep11

    This progression trick consists of lots of legs! We'll start with exercises to build our strength and balance, then we'll learn a progression that involves a coupé turn into a leg hold in second position, then a fouetté back attitude. And finally, the progression ends with a strong penché hold.

  • NEW! Lyrical: "Hero" / Mark Meismer

    A powerful ballad. Keep your technique strong, solid, and classic as the the tempo builds. Believe in yourself, trust yourself, and pay attention to the details, as you stay true to this beautiful, soaring ballad.
    Level: Int/Adv.
    Your Instructor: Mark Meismer
    Assisted by: Autumn Miller
    Music: "He...

  • TikTok Tuesday "Outrageous" / Todd Flanagan - Ep32

    Bring your stage presence and personality to this upbeat choreography full of sharp lines and stop & go’s.
    Level: Int/Adv.
    Your Instructor: Todd Flanagan
    Assisted by: Isabella Bruno & Madeline Underwood
    Music: "Outrageous" Britney Spears

  • NEW! Technique: "Warm Up Part 1" / Krista Miller - Ep52

    This warm up class has everything you’d want and need to get prepared for most classes, or just for your day! We often overlook just how important a proper and routine warm up can be, so get ready for some strengthening, stretching, and conditioning. From planks, splits, and balance exercises to...

  • Jazz: "It's a Man's Man's Man's World" / Mark Meismer

    This mid temp jazz starts out slow, so work hard to stay in tune to the lyrics. Try not to over think, just sit back and tell the story through your body as it builds and you discover your inner diva!
    Level: Int/Adv.
    Your Instructor: Mark Meismer
    Assisted by: Jenna Sousa & Kyleen MacCartie

  • Technique: "Training" / Krista Miller - Ep51

    Get ready for a well-rounded technique class! We'll work through a solid warm-up, then move across the floor, all while focusing on using our core through exercises. Then, we’ll move into battements, arabesques, and penchés, which will help to build our balance and strength, while also incorporat...

  • Favorites Week! Jazz: "Ice Me Out" with Derrick Schrader

    Favorites week finishes up The Space TV's Derrick Schrader bringing you his top pick, an unforgettable, high-energy, gritty jazz combo!

    Stay tuned for all new classes next week!

    Level: Intermediate/Advanced
    Your Instructor: Derrick Schrader
    Assisted by: Emily Figueroa, Brooke Colletti, Autu...

  • Favorites Week! Ballroom: "Cha Cha" with Lacey Schwimmer

    Favorites week continues with The Space TV's Lacey Schwimmer! Lacey brings her favorite Cha Cha class to the forefront. The lines, the energy, and the attitude of Cha Cha compliment both jazz and contemporary, so you can learn the basics or go all out! This special combo is a fast, syncopated,...

  • Favorites Week! Contemporary "Exile" with Lonni Olson

    Kicking off Favorites Week is Lonni Olson with her top pick class on The Space TV! Lonni chooses Exile and encourages you to explore your movement quality. Keep your mind open to reaching new heights and let yourself become one with the music as you explore a new authenticity of your dance styl...

  • Technique Week "À La Seconds Turns" with Krista Miller

    This final class in Krista Miller's Technique Week, is a re-focus on À La Seconde turns! This Intermediate/Advanced class will incorporate variations of turn combo's to practice across the floor. Learn how to maintain your balance and center, as Autumn Miler demonstrates the proper technique and...

  • Technique Week! "Penchés & Extension" with Krista Miller

    Part 2 of Krista Miller's Technique Week! Let's work on our penchés and extensions by focusing on stretches and leg strengthening! We'll also work on proper placement and exercises to strengthen our leg work. Then, we'll focus on across the floor progressions to give us unique ways to practice ...

  • Lyrical: "Traitor" #WatchBacks / Mark Meismer

    Join master class instructor Mark Meismer for this special #WatchBacks episode to his lyrical class “Traitor”, as he gives exclusive feedback to select students. Keep in mind this feedback can be applied to all of us, so Mark encourages you to retake his original class and apply what you've learn...

  • Jazz: "In In In" / Derrick Schrader - Ep03

    This high energy mix of jazz movement is fused with earthy beats and guaranteed to make you sweat!
    Level: Advanced
    Your Instructor:
    Assisted by: Alexis Gilbert
    Music: "In In In" Zebra Kats

  • Trick Tips Ep10: "Leg Hold Back Walkover" / Krista Miller

    Get warmed up with some back and core exercises, then learn a new trick that incorporates a leg hold and back walkover!
    Level: Int/Adv.
    Your Instructor: Krista Miller
    Assisted by: Alexis Gilbert

  • TikTok Tuesday: "Goodies x Work" / Todd Flanagan - Ep31

    An Intermediate/Advanced combo with new choreo you can use on the second half of the viral TikTok song, Goodies x Work! Bring your personality and have fun dancing with a friend if they're near!
    Level: Int/Adv.
    Your Instructor: Todd Flanagan
    Assisted by: Autumn Miller & Isabella Bruno
    Music: "Go...

  • Jazz: “Dem Beats” / Mark Meismer

    The music is fire and the combo is fast! Stay tight, engaged in your core, and on the balls of your feet. Keep everything sharp and clean as you pay close attention to the details of your arm and foot placement. But more than anything, have fun with this exciting Jazz Combo, as it goes from zero ...

  • Trick Tips Ep09: "A La Seconde Turns... with Attitude" / Krista Miller

    Warm up with exercises focusing on balance and stretching, then let's learn some a la seconde tricks incorporating front attitude, side attitude, and back attitude... all in one!
    Level: Advanced
    Your Instructor: Krista Miller
    Assisted by: Madeline Underwood

  • Trick Tips Ep08 "Rolling Tinsica" / Krista Miller

    Krista is back with an all new trick tip, the Rolling Tinsica! We'll start with some back strength exercises and flexibility, then focus on core and balance stabilization that’s important for future tricks!
    Level: Intermediate
    Your Instructor: Krista Miller
    Assisted by: Maddie Joiner

  • Lyrical: "Ending" / Mark Meismer

    A passionate combo. Relax your technique and let the lyrics move you as they pull your body from beat to beat. Work to get out of your head and let yourself fly with this feel good combo.
    Level: Intermediate
    Your Instructor: Mark Meismer
    Assisted by: Reggie Valdez
    Music: “Ending” by Isak Danielson