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Watch this video and more on The Space TV - Online Dance Classes

Watch this video and more on The Space TV - Online Dance Classes

Pro Tips & Takes - Gerran Reese

Featured Content • 3m 43s

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  • Gerran Reese - Street Jazz - Bongos

    A brief interview with Gerran Reese, then explore the foundations of street-jazz with this combo that takes you across the floor and utilizes progressions. As you repeat the sequence you can also play with style, texture, and levels. Part 1
    Level: beg/Int.
    Assisted by Nevaeh Eloi

  • Todd Flanagan - Jazz Funk - Yeaaa

    Get ready to turn up the energy and unleash your inner performer with this high-energy Jazz Funk combination set to an electrifying track! This combo is designed to make you dance BIG, perform with INTENSITY, and utilize every inch of your space. From sharp, precise movements, to smooth, fluid tr...

  • Krista Miller - Leg Progressions

    Let's work on legs, legs, legs! Krista starts this trick tip with a quick warm up using yoga blocks to help you stretch your splits and warm up your hamstrings and hip flexers. Then she breaks down a progression with an arabesque, fan kick, and back attitude. She'll work through our body positi...