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Gerran Reese

Gerran Reese

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Reese was submersed in art and culture. He was trained professionally by the best in the northwest and has sought training with premiere performers on the east and west coast in street­ jazz, jazz, hip ­hop, and contemporary movement.

Reese currently lives in Los Angeles, California, where he's signed with one of the nation’s top dance agencies, G.T.A ( Go 2 Talent Agency) and has worked with top choreographers such as Brian Friedman, Tessandra Chavez, Tabitha & Napoleon, Derrell Bullock, Hi­Hat, Andye J, Tony Testa and many more.

His credits include Monsters of Hip Hop, The Jefferson Dancers, and the NBA Blazer hip ­hop squad. Reese has done commercial campaigns for Reebok and Nike, and danced for TV shows including X­Factor, America’s Got Talent, The View, Dancing With the Stars, The TV­Land Awards, The Emmy Gala, and The Grammys. In the music industry, Reese has worked with artists Kelly Rowland, Kevin Stea, Chubby Checker, Daniel Bedingfield, Carmit Bachar (Pussycat Dolls), Estelle, Muse, Britney Spears, and many more.

In life and dance, Reese believes “art is forever” and wants to continue to inspire and take dance to a higher level of performance, skill, and versatility.

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Gerran Reese
  • Pro Tips & Takes - Gerran Reese

    Take the full Gerran Reese class here:

    Bongos Class:
    A brief interview with Gerran Reese, then explore the foundations of street-jazz with this combo that takes you across the floor and utilizes progressions. As you repeat the sequence you can also play with ...

  • Gerran Reese - Street Jazz - Bongos

    A brief interview with Gerran Reese, then explore the foundations of street-jazz with this combo that takes you across the floor and utilizes progressions. As you repeat the sequence you can also play with style, texture, and levels. Part 1
    Level: beg/Int.
    Assisted by Nevaeh Eloi

  • Jazz Fusion: "Taste" / Gerran Reese

    Join Gerran Reese for a fun intermediate combo with a strong base of groove & dynamics. In his class we'll focus on a conversation from inside the choreography as we make personal choices within the musicality. Enjoy & have fun!
    Level: Intermediate
    Assisted by: Jenna Sousa

  • Jazz Fusion: "Only U" / Gerran Reese

    Enjoy an advanced street jazz combo with Gerran Reese that pushes us to work on our dynamics, musicality, and all his choreography details! This RNB track inspired Gerran to infuse his movements with a hint of jazz funk and street style. Go at your own pace.... and enjoy!
    Level: Advanced

  • Street Jazz: "Onward" / Gerran Reese

    Gerran Reese's signature street jazz combos are one of a kind on TheSpace.TV and we're excited to try out his latest one! Gerran, Jenna and Austin will take us threw all the fine details and technique of this combo. So rewind (and be kind!) for as long as it takes to nail the musicality of this ...

  • Street Jazz: "Move" / Gerran Reese

    It's time to become that "big boss on the MOVE" and dance to the queen herself. Gerran Reese is here with a street jazz combo assisted by Austin Lee. This routine is about the groove of the movement and power of Beyoncé's authority. Take your time with the details and don't forget to share your ...

  • Street Jazz: "Progressions” / Gerran Reese

    A solid beginner/intermediate street jazz combo that's all about progressions! You can travel across the floor or even reverse it, but start right here with this driving, fun combo!
    Level: Beg/Int.
    Assisted by: Austin Blaise Lee

  • Hip Hop / Street Jazz Fusion: "Dumbstruck" / Gerran Reese

    A commercial fusion of hip hop & street jazz to make you feel happy & strong, while having fun dancing. Get ready for Summer with a high energy cardio combo!
    Level: Int/Adv.
    Assisted by: Brooke Colletti & Bella Bruno

  • Street Jazz: "Demonstration" / Gerran Reese

    Learn this combo & vibe out with Gerran Reese, while learning the flow and power of RNB. Feel, commit, and use your dynamics to the fullest.
    Level: Int.
    Assisted by: Ainsley Reagan Dobbs, Jenna Sousa

  • #BLM Fundraiser: Hip Hop Fusion / Gerran Reese

    All proceeds from drop ins, purchases, and rentals will be donated to the the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc., The NAACP is America's premier legal organization fighting for racial justice. **If you're already a subscriber, you can donate directly here: