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  • "Everything About Attitudes" / Krista Miller

    Having a good attitude is key in life... and in Krista's class! This class starts off with a strong warm up that includes core work, balance, inner thigh control, and lots of stretching. Travel across the floor working on back attitudes, front attitudes, and side attitudes. This class is a great...

  • Christina Grady - Jazz Funk - Boys Boys Boys

    Learn how to attack the musicality and put your own "seasoning" on top of each step. This combo rocks with incredible insight from Christina Grady who danced behind Lady Gaga for years!
    Level: Intermediate
    Assisted by: Austin Lee & Alexandra Rademacher

  • Jazz Funk: "Kill the Lights" - Brian Friedman

    The legendary Brian Friedman is back with a fire jazz funk combo! This fast paced choreography challenges both your brain and body, so approach this class with an open mind and readiness to learn. The jazz funk style is a fusion of jazz and hip-hop, so find your balance between the grooves of th...

  • Krista Miller - Scissor Leaps

    Jumping for joy that this week is a leaps class! The class begins with a few jumping exercises to get you prepared for leaps. Krista breaks down how to execute a scissor leap correctly, focusing on height, power, and momentum. Fun Fact- these jumps are known as scissor leaps because one leg cross...

  • Lonni Olson Page - Contemporary - Trustfall

    This class takes you back to the basics while pushing you, timing-wise. Focus on how you can make simple movements effective and clean, even when the rhythm becomes fast. Have fun, go at your own pace, and push yourself to execute each movement with confidence and precision.
    Level: Beg/Int

  • Danny Lawn - Jazz - Speed Drive

    Get set for an electrifying jazz combo from the one and only, Danny Lawn! Dive into the upbeat rhythm of the song with sharp and precise moves, while focusing on clean lines and polished finishes. Elevate your performance by infusing it with fun while incorporating the technical elements from you...

  • Jessica Richens - Jazz - Working Day and Night

    Today's jazz choreography is sneakily fast, but so much fun at the same time! For this combo, hitting sharp lines is not the only focus, it's also imperative to move fluidly through transitions to show your dynamic range. Don't forget to channel your performance first, and have the dance moves co...

  • Alexis Gilbert - Contemporary - Way Down We Go

    Let this class be a time where you give back to yourself and your training. Drive in on transition, floor work, and letting the track be your guide. It's a great balance of focusing on the technique while finding breath and release in your movement. You're going to be amazing!
    Level: Int/Adv.

  • Krista Miller - Trick Tips - Bow and Arrow

    A combination of stability and back flexibility combined to create the Bow and Arrow! Be sure to stretch your back with a few bridges and also your splits before attempting this trick. As your leg is up and behind you, we use the resistance felt there to pitch forward in our hips, which will then...

  • Grooves with Joe Joe Grooves

    Join Joe Joe and Ainsley for a fun and high energy grooves class. Really think of embodying the music and sitting into the pocket of the songs you're grooving to.
    Level: Beg/Int.
    Assisted by: Ainsley Dobbs

  • Krista Miller - Transition Floor Work

    Let's start with some exercises with a focus on stretching and preparing for our floor work! We'll work through different transitions and transfer our weight from one leg to another. Remember to try and focus on making each movement fluid!
    Level: Int/Adv.
    Assisted by: Alexis Gilbert

  • Chase Benz - Hip Hop: "Standing Next to You"

    This hip hop class has all the elements to get you feeling good! It combines grooves, hip hop, and funk, so you can jam! Finding texture in each move is the key to not only making this choreography look dynamic, but also how to pull the audience in as a dancer.
    Level: Intermediate
    Assisted by: G...

  • 10 Minute Core Class - Krista Miller

    Maximize just 10 minutes of every day and work on strengthening your core for better balance and turns. Krista takes us through 3 circuits involving different kinds of core work. This is a great class to start the day out when we're short on time... and you can use this class as a warm up before ...

  • Side Leg Hold Turns - Krista Miller

    Tips and tricks to successfully complete a proper side leg hold turn. Krista breaks down how the correct body alignment, when performing this trick, is having your shoulders on top of hips, hip flexors forward, and arm coming up through the back. Flexibility is also a factor when doing a side le...

  • Contemporary: "Break my Heart" - Jessica Richens

    An emotional yet powerful contemporary combo. The lyrics tell a story of willingness to go through heartbreak once again, just to be with their person one last time. With that in mind, let's channel that desperation and the strength, as we perform the moves. Jessica also points out that she wants...

  • Jazz: "Ooh Ahh… Just A Little Bit" / Danny Lawn

    Danny is back with an intermediate jazz combo! In jazz, clean lines are a must, along with adding the dynamics that Danny explains throughout the class. This combo is all about celebrating being in love, so don't forget to add your own personality to the performance and as always, have a blast!

  • Contemporary: "To Build a Home" - Kelley Guise

    Kelley is back with her feel-good contemporary moves! This combination showcases strong movement that compliments a powerful track about finding "home" in someone or something. It's important to work on making the movement clear and matching the instrumentation. By the end of the class, the com...

  • Contemporary: "Lighthouse" / Lonni Olson Page

    The lyrics reflects the complexity of a deteriorating relationship and the emotional journey of letting go and finding the strength to move one. While dancing this combo, work hard to meditate on how you can apply that to your own life and connect with the story. Instead of just dancing and learn...

  • Jazz Fusion: "Let me Go" - Derrick Schrader

    Get ready for a powerful fusion of jazz styles, incorporating control and freedom. Lean into Derrick's unique style and embrace the vibe of letting go, while bringing your strength and power.
    Level: Intermediate
    Assisted by Maddie Joiner & Jenna Sousa

  • Contemporary: "Run for the Hills" / Autumn Miller

    Make sure and warm up as this combo is definitely going to be a push. Stay present as Autumn explains the importance of focusing on the pictures in each movement, and feel free to show vulnerability in the stillness as you balance technique and movement quality.
    Level: Int/Adv.
    Assisted by Allis...

  • Jazz: "Marry the Night" - Alexis Gilbert

    This song is all about owning "the night" and owning the moment! Alexis wants you to approach this combo with ownership and confidence - "marry" every step and be fully committed. The combo is packed with classic jazz fundamentals so you really need to keep the integrity of the technique, even wh...

  • L/\UNCH Chat and the Space/ships - Krista Miller

    Learn more about what the L/\UNCH through the eyes of the Space/Ships: a scholarship program for Launch attendees. Let's grab our journals and take some notes as we talk through what the program has done for each of our special guests. Not only improving as dancers, L/\UNCH is designed to change ...

  • Jazz: "Pon De Replay" - Jessica Richens

    Get ready for a fast paced and sassy jazz combo with Jessica Richens. Rather than learn a super long combo, this class is about refining the quality of the fast paced steps. At times, it's groovy and fun, but there are plenty of technical tricks including a tilt jump from the point. Go at your ow...

  • Jazz Funk: "Single Ladies Mix" / Todd Flanagan

    Todd is back with an all new jazz funk remix combo! Bring your own unique personality and focus in on the details of this driving choreography. There's tons of opportunities to perform in this song, so lean into it and let loose!
    Level: Intermediate
    Assisted by Austen Sparks & Brenna Maas