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Learn from master class teacher Krista Miller with her exclusive Technique series. Technique will be your core training tool. It's what carries you in all classes and on the performance stage. The more technical skills you have, the easier it is to transition into any style of dance!

1) All classes release at 12pm PT and remain available so you can watch anytime!
2) SUBSCRIBERS get unlimited access to all active classes and content!
3) DROP INS/class rentals are good for 72 hours from when you start the class.

  • Krista Miller - Scissor Leaps

    Jumping for joy that this week is a leaps class! The class begins with a few jumping exercises to get you prepared for leaps. Krista breaks down how to execute a scissor leap correctly, focusing on height, power, and momentum. Fun Fact- these jumps are known as scissor leaps because one leg cross...

  • Krista Miller - Trick Tips - Bow and Arrow

    A combination of stability and back flexibility combined to create the Bow and Arrow! Be sure to stretch your back with a few bridges and also your splits before attempting this trick. As your leg is up and behind you, we use the resistance felt there to pitch forward in our hips, which will then...

  • Side Leg Hold Turns - Krista Miller

    Tips and tricks to successfully complete a proper side leg hold turn. Krista breaks down how the correct body alignment, when performing this trick, is having your shoulders on top of hips, hip flexors forward, and arm coming up through the back. Flexibility is also a factor when doing a side le...

  • 10 Minute Core Class - Krista Miller

    Maximize just 10 minutes of every day and work on strengthening your core for better balance and turns. Krista takes us through 3 circuits involving different kinds of core work. This is a great class to start the day out when we're short on time... and you can use this class as a warm up before ...

  • L/\UNCH Chat and the Space/ships - Krista Miller

    Learn more about what the L/\UNCH through the eyes of the Space/Ships: a scholarship program for Launch attendees. Let's grab our journals and take some notes as we talk through what the program has done for each of our special guests. Not only improving as dancers, L/\UNCH is designed to change ...

  • TRAILER: Technique: "Just for Kicks" / Krista Miller

    Take the full class:

    Join us today for an energizing leg-focused class led by Krista and the talented dancers of The Academy! Kickstart your session with a refreshing warm-up aimed at enhancing balance and flexibility, a...

  • Technique: "Just For Kicks" / Krista Miller

    Join us today for an energizing leg-focused class led by Krista and the talented dancers of The Academy! Kickstart your session with a refreshing warm-up aimed at enhancing balance and flexibility, as we dive into leg-stretching exercises designed to optimize your range of motion. Harness the pow...

  • "Exercises for Better Balance" / Krista Miller

    It's agreed that everyone can always improve their balance! In this episode, Krista walks you through exercises that will help you improve your body alignment and subsequently, your pirouettes. To test your core and balance even more, we take our exercises to the block. Since yoga blocks are soft...

  • Trick Tips: "Coupe Jete Leap" / Krista Miller

    Join Krista and Madeline as they demonstrate and explain how to proficiently execute a coupe jete leap. As you drag into the half coupe turn, prepare to explode from your standing leg and release those hips into the split. Land gracefully as you tuck your back leg and roll to the ground, keeping ...

  • Trick Tips: "Progressions Part 2" - Krista Miller

    In this class, we'll focus on mastering balance and seamless transitions across the floor. Our primary areas of emphasis will be the Arabesque and side extensions. Get ready to refine your technique and elevate your performance as we delve into the artistry of these graceful movements. Let's emba...

  • Trick Tips: "Front Floats" / Krista Miller

    In this class, our focal point will be a sophisticated turn that delves into advanced techniques. Specifically, we'll be honing our skills in front floats, emphasizing precise alignment and mastering the art of spotting. Get ready to elevate your dance proficiency as we explore the intricacies of...

  • Technique: "Advanced Jumps" / Krista Miller

    Get ready for a dynamic session that kicks off with a legs and abs warm-up combo across the floor. Elevate your jump game by mastering a sequence involving turning discs and ronversailes. The focus is on refining our technique in Calypsos, Jetes, and Ponches... seamlessly transitioning into forwa...

  • Trick Tips: "Scissor Tilt Jump" / Krista Miller

    Discover the artistry of dance with Krista and Kaitlin as they guide us through the intricacies of the Scissor Tilt Jump, an advanced trick tailored for experienced dancers. Unveil the secrets to mastering this captivating move, elevating our dance repertoire to new heights. Get ready to leap int...

  • Trick Tips: "Penches" / Krista Miller

    Join Krista, Jenna, and Maddie in an insightful tutorial as they meticulously break down the steps to perfecting the PenchΓ©. With expert guidance, you can master this dance move with precision and flair. Get ready to elevate your skills as Krista shares valuable insights, making the learning pro...

  • Circuit Stretch & Strength / Krista Miller

    Embark on a fitness journey with Krista's circuit stretch and strength Class! Navigate five dynamic stations targeting abs, push-ups, triceps, core, and cardio. Krista's expert guidance ensures a comprehensive workout with seamless transitions between exercises, maximizing calorie burn and sculpt...

  • New Year Goals Journaling / Krista Miller

    Join Krista as she guides us through setting new technique and intention goals for the New Year! Whether you're a seasoned pro or a newcomer, Krista's expertise and supportive approach will empower you to define and achieve your aspirations. Immerse yourself in this transformative experience, l...

  • Holiday Technique / Krista Miller πŸŽ„β„οΈ

    Get ready for a lively and dynamic class! We'll dive into Batmaz and side leg extensions, progressing across the floor with a Ponche, forward roll, and then finishing with a show-stopping Jete into running Firebirds! This class is designed for all levels, offering a perfect blend of technique and...

  • Beginner Jazz Technique / Krista Miller

    Join our Academy students for a return to the fundamentals! Enjoy the rhythm of jazz walks, graceful chaine turns, Pas de Bourrees, and soaring jete leaps!
    Level: Beginner
    Assisted by: The Academy students

  • Trick Tip: "Arrow Illusion" / Krista Miller

    A Tilt-Jump into an Arrow / Jump Illusion is a more advanced trick trips! Watch Krista break it down as she works on core strength, balance, and flexibility. Remember to always go at your own pace and hold off on trying any trick tip until you're ready. Safety is always a priority!
    Level: Adv.

  • Trick Tips: "How To Improve Your Feet" / Krista Miller

    Discover the path to enhancing your ankle stability and achieving a deeper foot stretch. This class is all about exploring exercises that enhance our feet's flexibility, arch, ankle strength, and overall foot control. Unlock the potential of your feet with Krista Miller.
    Level: All Welcome

  • πŸŽƒ Haunted Halloween Technique / Krista Miller

    Step into the Halloween spirit with Krista's action-packed technique class! Let's explore jazz walks, pirouettes, reverse jumps, and a robust warm-up. Put on your favorite costume and join us in celebrating this spooky holiday. πŸŽƒ πŸ‘»
    Level: All Welcome
    Assisted by: Madeline Underwood, Emma Carter, ...

  • Trick Tips: "Cartwheel Flip" / Krista Miller

    An impressive trick to seamlessly incorporate into your improv and choreo so you can transition smoothly into other steps. This trick tip is all about breaking down, step by step, a cartwheel to the floor, then into a back walk out.
    Level: Int/Adv.
    Assisted by: Kinsley Stella

  • Trick Tips: "Toe Roll Back Walkover" / Krista Miller

    If you’re looking for something to challenge your floor work, and you have a flexible back, this trick could just be for you! This toe roll into a back walkover has a a bit of a twist at the end. Just remember to always stretch, warm up, and go at your own pace... and most of all, enjoy a surpri...

  • Trick Tips: "Raiz Jump" / Krista Miller

    This advanced jump, requiring strength and power, is an excellent skill to add to your repertoire. With several variations, it’s diverse and gives that β€œwow” factor.
    Level: Advanced
    Assisted by: Bella Klassen