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Tara Ghassemieh

Tara Ghassemieh

Tara Ghassemieh is a prima ballerina, choreographer, teacher and actress living in Southern California with her husband and creative partner Vitor Luiz and their loving children.  As a choreographer Tara, along with her dancers, have been honored with various awards and titles. Her most recognized pieces are “Le Petite Artiste” awarded 1st place at YAGP and Outstanding Choreography Award. “Le Petite artiste” was also performed in YAGP’s New York City gala at Lincoln Center and YAGP’s gala in Orlando Florida. “Le Vie en Rose” awarded 1st place contemporary at YAGP finals along with Spotlight Awards, and “Good” also awarded 1st place at YAGP.

As a teacher Tara has been a dance educator for 11 years and has taught across the country. She's a teacher and mentor to the youth community primarily in the world of ballet, contemporary, and the film industry. Internationally, Tara teaches virtually through her ballet classes on The Space TV.

As a dancer, her professional career started at ABT and transitioned to freelancing with many companies and artists. Tara has danced principal roles in many classical, and contemporary ballets. Recently performing “The Nutcracker” and “The Slave Pas De Duex” as Medora with partner  and husband Vitor Luiz, “Myrtha” in the ballet Giselle along side Gillian Murphy and Cory Stearns, “Lilac Fairy” in Sleeping Beauty with Marcelo Gomes, and  the role “Mercedes” in Festival Ballet Theatre's production of Don Quixote.

Most recently Tara, alongside husband Vitor Luiz, debuted their first ballet together “Scheherazade” at the 30th annual “Gala of the Stars” performed at The Segerstrom Music Hall. Tara was the first Iranian ballerina to play the infamously Persian character of Scheherazade, and is the first Persian-American ballerina in history.

Tara has recently been given the role as leading actress and choreographer in a new feature film called “AREZOU”  scheduled to premiere in 2021 with an Oscar winning cast and production team. The film is about the illegal underground ballet dancers of Iran and pays homage to the fall of the Iranian National Ballet. Also known as the “Persian Swan”, Tara's not only known for her extremely strong technique and artistry, but the fierce and commanding way she performs. Audiences say her fearlessness, beauty and raw love for ballet is captivating, and makes it impossible to take your eyes off of her.

Tara Ghassemieh
  • Ballet: "Training" / Tara Ghassemieh - Ep12

    Starting with a well-rounded barre, we'll get everything we need to warm up and strengthen our turnouts and feet! Then in the center, we'll work on a basic tendu, pirouettes across the floor, and small jumps!
    Level: Intermediate
    Your Instructor: Tara Ghassemieh
    Assisted By: Kyleen MacCartie

  • Ballet: "Training" / Tara Ghassemieh

    Join special guest Tara Ghassemieh and her assistant Jenna Sousa for a well-rounded ballet class that involves barre work and across-the-floor exercises.
    Level: Int/Adv.
    Your Instructor: Tara Ghassemieh
    Assisted by: Jenna Sousa

  • Ballet: "Training" / Tara Ghassemieh - Ep10

    This class brings you a strong and classic ballet barre, working all combinations needed to access strength, turn out, alignment and hip opening. In the center we'll work on our ballet positions through a seamless tendu exercise, and conclude with a clean pirouette combination to find your center...

  • Ballet: "Intro to Body Positions" / Tara Ghassemieh Ep09

    An all levels class taking you through the Vaganova teachings of ballet positions. We'll move from elementary positions at the barre into the center with the 12 positions of the body, as taught in the acclaimed Vaganova School of Ballet.
    Level: All
    Your Instructor: Tara Ghassemieh
    Assisted by: A...

  • Ballet: "Barre" / Tara Ghassemieh

    In this barre focused ballet class, Tara Ghassemieh and assistant Autumn Miller give you exercises focused on upper back strength and hip opening.
    Level: Adv.
    Your Instructor: Tara Ghassemieh
    Assisted by: Autumn Miller

  • Ballet: Barre / Tara Ghassemieh - Ep07

    Join Tara Ghassemieh and assistant Jessica Richens for this advanced technical ballet training! This class has elements of barre and center work, focusing on strength and traditional elements of a ballet class.
    Level: Advanced
    Your Instructor: Tara Ghassemieh
    Assisted by Jessica Richens

  • Ballet: "Barre" / Tara Ghassemieh Ep06

    Join Tara Ghassemieh and assistant Brooke Colletti for this technical class, focusing on barre and center work that also incorporates traditional ballet elements!
    Level: Intermediate
    Your Instructor: Tara Ghassemieh
    Assisted by Brooke Colletti
    Music by: David Plumpton

  • Ballet: "Center Work" / Tara Ghassemieh Ep05

    Join Tara Ghassemieh in this center work class focusing on adagio, turns, and jumps. This class is perfect for those of you dancing in small spaces, as the movement will allow you to expand and utilize the small space you have.
    Level: Intermediate/Advanced
    Your Instructor: Tara Ghassemieh

  • Ballet: Barre / Tara Ghassemieh Ep04

    Welcome to the beginning of your barre work! Starting with a Plié, and then learning a Tendu and Jeté. After this barre your hips and feet will be warm and ready to move big in the center.
    Level: Intermediate
    Your Instructor: Tara Ghassemieh
    Assisted by...

  • Ballet: Center Work with Tara Ghassemieh Ep03

    Moving away from the barre and challenging your balance, you’ll be working through balancé’s, pirouettes, and small jumps. As you move away from the barre this is the time to engage your core and work through the floor using your center to ground yourself in control and technique. Bring what you’...

  • Ballet Barre / Tara Ghassemieh Ep02

    This class focuses on your foot work, relevés, battlements, and extensions!
    Level: Intermediate / Advanced
    Your Instructor: Tara Ghassemieh
    Assisted by: Brooke Colletti

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  • Ballet / Tara Ghassemieh Ep01

    Skill level: Intermediate
    Assisted by Jenna Sousa

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