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Master the Basics

Master the Basics

Beginner Fundamentals from Master Teacher Krista Miller!

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Master the Basics
  • TRAILER: Master the Basics: Beginner Fundamentals 7 Part Series / Krista Miller

    In this incredible 7 part beginner series you'll learn the fundamentals of technique, special trick tips, and more with master class teacher Krista Miller!
    Level: Beginner
    Your instructor: Master Teacher Krista Miller
    Take the first class in the series:

  • Master the Basics: Beginner Fundamentals: "Chassés" / Krista Miller Ep01

    Join Krista Miller for this exciting 7 part series, Master the Basics: Beginner Fundamentals. This first class is the chassé, one of the first and most important steps you learn as a dancer. The chassé is a skill you'll use for your entire dance career! This class breaks down the arm placement a...

  • Master the Basics: Beginner Fundamentals: "Pivot Turns" / Krista Miller Ep02

    The 2nd class in this 7 part series, is Pivot Turns, often called a Push-Turn. You'll learn how to execute this universal dance step that’s used in a variety of dance styles, by focusing on the transfer of your weight from one foot to another. When you're ready, be sure to take the next class in ...

  • Master the Basics: Beginner Fundamentals: "Grapevine" / Krista Miller Ep03

    The Grapevine is a fun, party-step used in multiple dance genres! In this class you'll learn the basic steps, and even add some chaîné turns in between! This step is a great social dance move, and an important basic step for dance technique!
    Your Instructor: Krista Miller

  • Master the Basics: Beginner Fundamentals: "Pas de bourrée" / Krista Miller Ep04

    The Pas de Bourreé is the most common step sequence in jazz technique, and it's used in multiple dance genres! Consisting of three steps, back, side, and front, you'll find pas de bourreés used in progressions across the floor, transitions into leaps, and crepes for turns!

    Your Instructor: Kris...

  • Master the Basics: Beginner Fundamentals: Kick Ball Change / Krista Miller Ep05

    Typically used as a basic step, kick ball change consists of a low kick and weight change from back to front. This fun step is often used in jazz technique for preps and transitions, but you'll find it in many dance styles!
    Your Instructor: Krista Miller

  • Master the Basics: Beginner Fundamentals Saut De Chat Leaps /Krista Miller Ep06

    A Saut De Chat Leap is the most basic of leaps and important to master before learning more advanced leaps! You'll work on exercises that improve the height of your jump and focus on the proper use of technique.
    Your Instructor: Krista Miller

  • Master the Basics: Beginner Fundamentals: "Showcase!" / Krista Miller Ep07

    Review the last six Basic Technique classes of series, then join Krista Miller as you combine the elements for a final showcase! Take this opportunity to show off your new moves and continue practicing everything you've learned, and when you're ready, jump in and start taking Krista's intermediat...