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Katy Tate

Katy Tate

Katy's a creative producer, choreographer and master teacher. Recent credits include associate director for Jennifer Lopez's “It’s My Party” tour and “Derek Hour Live”, producer of “Holidays with the Hough’s” with Derek and Julianne Hough, co-director of World of Dance Live Tour, choreographer for Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, choreographer and creative associate for Disney’s Holiday Celebration, and creative associate for Jennifer Lopez’s MTV Video Vanguard Performance, Time 100, Billboard Music Awards, Latin Billboards, AMAs and more!

Katie also served as Associate Director for the Super Bowl 2020, and for 7 years as Dance Master at The Beatles LOVE by Cirque du Soleil, while also working on Mystere, Zumanity, O and La Nouba.

Her passion projects include her personal creation of the speaking series, “HUMANN Movement”. A conversation about the growth of emotional intelligence and mental toughness in our next generation of industry professionals and humans in this life.

The experience she creates in the classroom allows you to discover yourself and our connections to each other, and to find abandonment and vulnerability; to not just solely grow in your craft, but to walk out of class feeling your evolution as a human, is what class is about. Katy encourages you to examine yourself, your strengths and weakness, and to learn to view them all as benefits. The conditioning of the mind and heart is just as imperative, as that of the body, in dance. For Katy, there's nothing greater than building an energy in a class to allow the safety for you to witness someone’s breakthrough, maybe even your own.

Katy Tate
  • Contemporary: "Murder" / Katy Tate

    Drawing inspiration from Katy's favorite choreographer, Bob Fosse, seize this opportunity to master dynamics and musicality. Craft a mood and breathe life into a character as you revel in the joy of performance. Enjoy!
    Level: Advanced
    Assisted by: Reggie Valdez

  • Contemporary: "Golden Hour" / Katy Tate

    Learn the epic combo to one of the most viral tracks of '23. Let the emotionality be your guide as you breathe your own personal life into this dance. The key is to immerse yourself in the rhythm, turning each step into a playful exploration of movement. Join Katy and Reggie as you let the combo...

  • Contemporary: "ilym" / Katy Tate

    We are warmed up and dimming the lights for Katy Tate's feels class! This contemporary routine is one of Katy's favorites to teach because of it's natural build and a freedom of movement to bring your own experience and story to your performance. Tag us in your videos @thespacetv and @katyt8.

  • Contemporary: "All For Us" / Katy Tate

    Katy Tate is excited to be back at TheSpace.TV with a combo that's unique from her usual contemporary vibe. With a more grounded, gritty, and almost hip hop edge, this contemporary combo has a heavy focus on musicality and technique. Feel the music, find the grit, and let's work it through toget...

  • L/\UNCH Academy: Dance Short: "Humann" / Katy Tate

    A dance short collaboration with Launch Life and Katy Tate!
    Featuring Launch 2020/2021
    Choreographed by Katy Tate

  • Contemporary: “Life Moves On” / Katy Tate

    Bring this song about acceptance - a practice we all need during these difficult and divisive times - to life, with the help of the stunning Brooke Colletti and Autumn Miller. Challenge yourself and your limits, but also give yourself grace. This piece is for your heart.
    Level: Intermediate/Adva...

  • World Choreography Award Winner 🏆 Dance Short: "If the World Was Ending"

    Congratulations to @katyt8, @autumnmiller, @rregvaldezz, and the entire team of our "If the World Was Ending" dance short on your prestigious World Choreography Award Win! 🏆 @worldchoreographyawards

    An incredibly moving and powerful Dance Short by Katy Tate. Starring Autumn Miller & Reggie Vald...

  • Covid19 Fundraiser: Contemporary with Katy Tate

    As artists, we all want to give back and contribute to our world and each other. Sometimes we struggle to find a way to do it. This class was an opportunity for us all to help someone in our performing arts community.

    On July 5, 2020, Nick Cordero passed away after his brave battle with Covid-1...