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Jessica Richens

Jessica Richens

Jessica's love for dance began at age three. She's studied many styles, including jazz, lyrical, contemporary, ballet, hip hop, musical theater, and tap. During this time, she had numerous performance, competition, and convention opportunities, and has held many titles.

Jessica then went on to work professionally in entertainment. Her television credits include: So You Think You Can Dance: Season 11, where she was the 1st runner-up, The Ellen Show, Live with Kelley and Ryan, Dancing with the Stars, The Masked Singer, and more. Jessica has danced in music videos and performed live with artists such as Taylor Swift. She's worked for Conde Nast, Bellagio, Radio City, Nike, Exxon Mobile, Tilly’s, and Disney World.

Currently, Jessica works with global superstar and electronic violinist, Lindsey Stirling, as well as appearing on The Space TV.

As a professional dancer and dance educator, Jessica has extensive experience training dancers from around the world, as well as assisting top dance professionals. When Jessica's not performing, she dedicates her time and love of dance to inspire budding dancers of all ages. Her career's taken her to Shanghai, Australia, Canada, and Mexico. She's taught for conventions such as XChange, Titans of Dance, Revel, and assisted for RADIX and JUMP, as well as trained with top industry professionals Shannon Mather, Krista Miller, Talia Favia, Mark Meismer, and Tessandra Chavez. She also enjoys traveling to studios throughout the United States to offer her expertise in jazz, lyrical, contemporary, and technique via intensives and master classes.

Jessica believes that a dance class with her is more than just training. She expects a shared exchange of energy with you, and creates a safe space by motivating with both love and discipline. Jessica values your uniqueness, regardless of ability, and expects you to push yourself and work hard. Her aim is to guide you to your full potential, and enhance your respect for yourself as an artist. It’s Jessica’s belief that you are worthy of your best, and she uses her technical training and unique performance quality to create meaningful and healing stories through movement. She hopes that through these stories, you're encouraged to live as a better human and create your best life.

Jessica Richens
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  • Jess & Lex's Beginner Series: "Musical Theatre" - Ep07

    Are you ready to have some fun? This upbeat musical theater combo is a blast to learn and perform for family or friends! We're taking it back to the 60's with some shimmy’s and jives!
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    Your instructor: Alexis Gilbert & Jessica Richens

  • Jess & Lex's Beginner Series: "JAZZ!" - Ep06

    A fun, beginner Jazz routine with Jessica Richens! This high energy combo is a blast to learn and dance to... so get ready to perform, sass it up, and have fun!
    Level: Beginner
    Your instructor: Jessica Richens
    Assisted by Kaitlin Yamano

  • Jess & Lex's Beginner Series: "Lyrical" - Ep04

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  • Jess & Lex's Beginner Series: "Turns" - Ep02

    This class focuses on the fundamentals of turning. We start with how to spot, chaîné turn, piqué turn, and work up to doing a pirouette! This class is perfect for beginners who are eager to learn everything there is to know about being successful at turning! Remember to do our warm-up video befo...

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