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From fun, old-school, Mid-Tempo to fundamental Jazz techniques, take an amazing Jazz class with Mark Meismer, Hannahlei Cabanilla, Jay Jay Dixonbey, and more!

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  • Jess & Lex's Beginner Series: "JAZZ!" - Ep06

    A fun, beginner Jazz routine with Jessica Richens! This high energy combo is a blast to learn and dance to... so get ready to perform, sass it up, and have fun!
    Level: Beginner
    Your instructor: Jessica Richens
    Assisted by Kaitlin Yamano

  • Jazz! "End of Time" / Mark Meismer

    A high energy, feel good Jazz combo, incorporating Technique while letting go. Trust the training you have and give yourself permission to get out of your head and enjoy the ride!
    Level: Intermediate/Advanced
    Your Instructor: Mark Meismer
    Assisted by: Autumn Miller & Brooke Colletti
    Music: "E...

  • Jazz "Lonely" / Hannahlei Cabanilla & Jay Jay Dixonbey Ep01

    "A high energy class that focuses on fundamental jazz techniques and clean precise lines! All levels will be able to enjoy and benefit from our fun combo."
    Your Instructors: Hannahlei Cabanilla & Jay Jay Dixonbey

  • JAZZ: "Dirty Diana" with Mark Meismer

    "The past two weeks were emotional and amazing but this week we’re changing it up with some fun, old-school, Mid-Tempo Jazz!" - Mark Meismer
    Level: Intermediate/Advanced
    Choreography by Master Teacher Mark Meismer
    Assisted by Autumn Miller & Brooke Colletti
    SONG: Michael Jackson's "Dirty Diana"

  • TikTok Tuesday: Behind the Scenes / Todd Flanagan Ep04

    A quick look on set with Todd Flanagan, Janai Johnson, and Cory Miller!
    **HOW IT WORKS**
    1) All classes release at 12pm PT and remain available so you can watch anytime!
    2) SUBSCRIBERS get unlimited acces...