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Derrick Schrader

Derrick Schrader

At age 9 he began taking tap classes, and by age 11 he had expanded his dance training to include ballet, jazz and lyrical. At age 15, he started traveling around the country to take classes from the best of the best dance educators. Derrick says the only way he was able to make it through the drama of high school was by taking part in a work study program, where he could earn school credits by teaching dance 5 days per week. After graduating high school, he continued to develop his style of choreography. Teaching at 5 studios, he soon became one of the most sought after choreographers in Minnesota.

At the peak of Derrick's popularity as a choreographer, and being a firm believer that a persons dance education is never complete, he decided to pack up his car and move to Los Angeles to expand his career. Since then, he has appeared on ABC Family's "Switched! ," the motion picture "The Gift" and the stage show for Disney's animated feature "Bolt." Other credits include: Tappin' in the Twin Cities with Gregory Hines and Savion Glover, Burnin' The Floor and Blur featuring Carmen Electra, as well as performing with the Seamless Dance Company, Out On A Limb Ballet Company, In*Formation and Keep It Jumpin'. Derrick's teaching methods are based upon embracing your limitations and developing the facility you are given. He believes we are humans first, dancers second, and asks his students to be true with themselves and honest with the art. It's not quantity, but quality.

Derrick Schrader
  • Jazz Fusion: "Let me Go" - Derrick Schrader

    Get ready for a powerful fusion of jazz styles, incorporating control and freedom. Lean into Derrick's unique style and embrace the vibe of letting go, while bringing your strength and power.
    Level: Intermediate
    Assisted by Maddie Joiner & Jenna Sousa

  • Jazz Fusion: "Watch me Work" / Derrick Schrader

    Get ready for a fun and vibey combo today in Derrick's jazz fusion class. A lot of the movement is sharp and has exact shapes, but the transitions and the in-between moments should be fluid and have groove . Play around with different textures, level changes, and expressions to make this piece of...

  • Jazz: "Go Up" / Derrick Schrader

    An upbeat and fun combo that mashes classic and modern jazz styles to keep us moving and make us sweat!
    Level: Intermediate
    Assisted by: Claire Kingston and Malia Williams

  • Jazz: "Music"/ Derrick Schrader

    Derrick Schrader invites you to come to class in character today. For this intermediate jazz combo, be a dance robot with #robotpaws! Let's learn a playful combo to "Music" while staying sharp as we take on this character!
    Level: Int/Adv.
    Assisted by: Alexandra Rademacher and Maddie Joiner

  • 3 Class Series - Krista Miller / Derrick Schrader / Chase Benz

    This 3-Class Workout is a full day of dancing, just like our Academy and Launch students do at the Brea Space. Warm Up with Krista to get loose for two combos! First up is Derrick Schrader's dynamic Jazz routine. Then follow it up with Chase Benz tour style performance! These classes range in co...

  • Jazz: "Bomb" / Derrick Schrader

    Back Back Back Again! Derrick wants you to characterize his choreography into a energetic, robotic force. This Jazz Fusion combo will challenge you to create sharp movements and weave in your personality as dynamite. Once you have the steps down, we're gonna go off like a jazz bomb!
    Level: Beg/...

  • Jazz: "Edge of The Dark" / Derrick Schrader

    Derrick's back with a moody and intricate combo! This jazz combo includes dynamic movements that track the song's quick drum patterns and powerful, deep lyrics about fighting for light in dark times.
    Level: Int/Adv.
    Assisted by: Maddie Joiner

  • Jazz: "Say Nothing" / Derrick Schrader

    A moody mix of jazz styles and techniques with room for self expression. The class focuses on different ranges of attack and levels to create dynamic movement within the music.
    Level: Int/Adv.
    Assisted by: Maddie Joiner & Alexandra Rademacher

  • Jazz: "Cheque" / Derrick Schrader

    An upbeat mix of jazz techniques with plenty of space to be creative and unique. This class focuses on phrasing, stylization, and a strong jazz foundation. Make sure and warm up first for this one: it’s FULL OUT!
    Level: Int/Adv.
    Assisted by: Autumn Miller, Alexis Gilbert, Lonni Olson

  • Jazz: "Scooter" / Derrick Schrader

    A fun and stylized combo utilizing jazz technique in a fresh way. This class focuses on adding your personal style to the foundation of jazz energy and lines.
    Level: Int/Adv.
    Assisted by: Jenna Sousa, Reggie Valdez

  • Favorites Week! Jazz: "Ice Me Out" with Derrick Schrader

    Favorites week finishes up The Space TV's Derrick Schrader bringing you his top pick, an unforgettable, high-energy, gritty jazz combo!

    Stay tuned for all new classes next week!

    Level: Intermediate/Advanced
    Your Instructor: Derrick Schrader
    Assisted by: Emily Figueroa, Brooke Colletti, Autu...

  • Jazz: "In In In" / Derrick Schrader

    This high energy mix of jazz movement is fused with earthy beats and guaranteed to make you sweat!
    Level: Int/Adv.
    Assisted by: Alexis Gilbert

  • Jazz: "Famous" / Derrick Schrader

    Derrick Schrader brings you an edgy jazz combo filled with intricate hits and signature style. Get ready to perform in this high-energy combo!
    Level: Int./Adv.
    Your Instructor: Derrick Schrader
    Assisted by: Autumn Miller & Brooke Colletti