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From our Covid19 Fundraiser with Katy Tate to our Contemporary with Kelley Guise series, these classes focus on style, strength and technique, while exploring movement in as many new ways as we can.

1) All classes release at 12pm PT and remain available so you can watch anytime!
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  • Lonni Olson Page - Contemporary - Lose Control

    A crucial aspect of mastering this combination is listening closely and synchronizing your movements with the singer's vocals. As dancers, we understand the importance of textures—by paying attention to the nuances in the vocals, you can mirror those textures in your dance. Use your plié to stay ...

  • TRAILER: Lonni Olson Page - L/\UNCH "Be Friends"

    Learn the combo:

    A very special class, Lonni had the incredible opportunity to choreograph the official music video for this song, and now you get the chance to learn it! You can connect to the lyrics by pul...

  • Alexis Gilbert - Contemporary Jazz - High For This

    In this class, you are creating a story where you're the evil villain! We are trying to lure people in to join our evil side. Play with the dynamics of being soft and charming then hard hitting and aggressive. That'll make your character performance stronger and more fun to dance.
    Level: Int/Adv...

  • Lonni Olson Page - Contemporary - Can We Just Be Friends

    A very special class, Lonni had the incredible opportunity to choreograph the official music video for this song, and now you get the chance to learn it! You can connect to the lyrics by pulling from your own experiences with heartbreak and letting the song lead your movement. Stream "Can we jus...

  • Lonni Olson Page - Contemporary - Trustfall

    This class takes you back to the basics while pushing you, timing-wise. Focus on how you can make simple movements effective and clean, even when the rhythm becomes fast. Have fun, go at your own pace, and push yourself to execute each movement with confidence and precision.
    Level: Beg/Int

  • Alexis Gilbert - Contemporary - Way Down We Go

    Let this class be a time where you give back to yourself and your training. Drive in on transition, floor work, and letting the track be your guide. It's a great balance of focusing on the technique while finding breath and release in your movement. You're going to be amazing!
    Level: Int/Adv.

  • Contemporary: "Break my Heart" - Jessica Richens

    An emotional yet powerful contemporary combo. The lyrics tell a story of willingness to go through heartbreak once again, just to be with their person one last time. With that in mind, let's channel that desperation and the strength, as we perform the moves. Jessica also points out that she wants...

  • Contemporary: "To Build a Home" - Kelley Guise

    Kelley is back with her feel-good contemporary moves! This combination showcases strong movement that compliments a powerful track about finding "home" in someone or something. It's important to work on making the movement clear and matching the instrumentation. By the end of the class, the com...

  • Contemporary: "Run for the Hills" / Autumn Miller

    Make sure and warm up as this combo is definitely going to be a push. Stay present as Autumn explains the importance of focusing on the pictures in each movement, and feel free to show vulnerability in the stillness as you balance technique and movement quality.
    Level: Int/Adv.
    Assisted by Allis...

  • Contemporary: "28" / Lonni Olson Page

    Prepare to immerse yourself in dynamic, full-body movement during this contemporary class. This combination is about using resistance in your movement and filling up every corner of the music. Don’t forget to make your own unique choices as you narrow your focus and your intention to help tell YO...

  • Contemporary: "I Miss You" / Jenna Sousa

    Get ready for a class that celebrates musicality and invites you to enjoy the pauses within the intricacies of choreography! Find those clean lines by paying attention to the details Jenna breaks down. And focus on the transitions between the pictures while expressing your authentic self in this...

  • Contemporary: "Lighthouse" / Lonni Olson Page

    The lyrics reflects the complexity of a deteriorating relationship and the emotional journey of letting go and finding the strength to move one. While dancing this combo, work hard to meditate on how you can apply that to your own life and connect with the story. Instead of just dancing and learn...

  • Contemporary: "Murder" / Katy Tate

    Drawing inspiration from Katy's favorite choreographer, Bob Fosse, seize this opportunity to master dynamics and musicality. Craft a mood and breathe life into a character as you revel in the joy of performance. Enjoy!
    Level: Advanced
    Assisted by: Reggie Valdez

  • Contemporary: "Golden Hour" / Katy Tate

    Learn the epic combo to one of the most viral tracks of '23. Let the emotionality be your guide as you breathe your own personal life into this dance. The key is to immerse yourself in the rhythm, turning each step into a playful exploration of movement. Join Katy and Reggie as you let the combo...

  • L/\UNCH: Performance - "Somebody That I Used to Know"

    Watch the exclusive choreography from this year's L/\UNCH program, than learn the combo yourself with Alexis Gilbert and Austin Lee.

  • Contemporary: "Somebody That I Used to Know" / Alexis Gilbert

    Let's bring back the nostalgia with this powerful, moving combo.

    This class is your opportunity to learn the exclusive choreography from this years L/\UNCH performance. Then, at the end of class, perform it with the Launchers in a special sneak peak.

    Let's dig into this combo by embodying t...

  • Contemporary: "Work Song" / Alexis Gilbert

    A contemporary combo that's all about your floor work! Alexis breaks down all the moves on the floor with deep focus, so you can feel confident in your movement. The goal is to feel accomplished by the end of this class, then embrace the beauty and just enjoy this powerful combo.
    Level: Int/Adv....

  • Contemporary: "Guilded Lily" / Clara Ungaro

    A powerful, moving combo with a focus on back flexibility and intricate movement through the importance of story telling.
    Level: Intermediate
    Assisted by: Alexandra Rademacher

  • Lyrical / Contemporary: "Ending" / Alexis Gilbert

    Let's infuse emotion into every step we take as it guides us from our core and fills our body. Remember to stay focused on your intention as you dance, and put more importance on your emotional expression than on executing the combo perfectly. This class is a powerful outlet for when life feels o...

  • Contemporary: "Easy" / Austin Lee

    Let's learn choreography that's all about our intention and focus on bringing a story to life! The steps are important but true focus of this combo is on creating your own quality of movement within your story as you find that intention!
    Level: Beg/Int.
    Assisted by: Jenna Sousa


  • Contemporary: "All Too Well" / Lonni Olson Page

    A powerful, moving combo that challenges us to reach new heights and push our bounds, together.
    Level: Intermediate
    Assisted by: Allison Shin and Jayden Galloway

  • Contemporary: "Chaotic" / Alexis Gilbert

    "Creating this combo, then teaching it and dancing it with so many dancers has been so healing for me. And I'm so excited to share it with you. As humans, we are constantly growing & changing, which can feel painful, scary… CHAOTIC.. but it's also so beautiful and magical. Whatever you’re going t...

  • Contemporary: "Like I Can" / Tyce Diorio

    Emmy award winning choreographer Tyce Diorio brings us an emotional and powerful contemporary combo. Tyce challenges us to tap into our greatness... not only through our movement, but also our storytelling. He encourages us to be brave within this piece, and more than anything, be unapologetic...

  • Contemporary: "Beautiful Disaster" / Alexis Gilbert

    A fun contemporary combo with a sneak inside peak at the performance from this years Intensive! Then let's work on the choreography together as you think of something you love, and channel that power through each and every move.
    Level: Intermediate
    Assisted by: Jenna Sousa & Emma Carter