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Lacey Schwimmer teaches Latin Ballroom! Learn Cha Cha, Samba, Jive, foxtrot, waltz and more, coming soon!

  • Ballroom: "Rumba" / Lacey Schwimmer Ep07

    Rumba is the Lyrical of the Latin Ballroom world! It's also the dance of LOVE and PASSION, so this combo gives you the freedom to tell your own story. You'll find this combination is filled with Rumba basics, but also mixed with moments of technical control. If you're a lyrical dancer at heart, t...

  • Ballroom: "Samba" / Lacey Schwimmer - Ep06

    Samba is a Brazilian celebration, festival dance. This class pairs a fun current song with lots of hip-hop influence and hard-hitting accents to give it an all over fun and sassy approach. You do not have to be a samba professional to learn this dance!
    Level: Intermediate/Advanced
    Your Instructor...

  • Ballroom: Cha Cha "Sour Candy" / Lacey Schwimmer

    Cha Cha is by far the most popular of Latin ballroom dances! Especially for the non ballroom dancer. It’s fast paced, sassy, strong and can easily be used to influence jazz and hip hop dance styles. This combo has a mix of basic cha cha with some more intricate cha cha rhythms, but with commercia...

  • Ballroom: "Cha Cha" with Lacey Schwimmer Ep03

    During this time of social distancing we can all relate to this songs' lyrics .... why not shake off the distance with a sassy Cha Cha!
    Cha Cha's one of the most celebrated Latin ballroom dances, especially in the commercial dance world. So come learn this fun but fast and challenging Cha Cha!

  • Ballroom: "Jive" with Lacey Schwimmer Ep04

    A high energy, high kicking, jive mixed with basics and jazz!
    Level: Intermediate/Advanced
    Your Instructor: Lacey Schwimmer
    Assisted by Autumn Miller and Brook Colletti

  • Ballroom: "Cha Cha" with Lacey Schwimmer Ep02

    This cha cha is a slower tempo, making it easier to dance to for first timers, or someone wanting to challenger their technique. A fun song with sassy, commercial fused choreography? Yes please!
    Level: Int/Adv
    Assisted by Autumn Miller and Brook Colletti

  • Ballroom "Samba" with Lacey Schwimmer Ep01

    This samba class is exciting, fast, and commercially influence with classic samba steps! Wether or not you’ve done ballroom before, this samba class will push you and leave you smiling!
    Skill Level: Intermediate
    Assisted by Autumn Miller and Brook Colle...