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Alexis Gilbert

Alexis Gilbert

Born and raised in Southern California, Alexis has dedicated her life to dance training and pursuing her dreams. You might recognize her most from her "So You Think You Can Dance" season 14 when her audition video went viral, and she's been assisting Master Class Instructor Krista Miller since 2014.

Her professional dance credits include MAC Cosmetics, Pharrell Williams, Daft Punk, Maluma, YouTube, DanceOn, an ESPN commercial, Good Day LA, the pro dance team “LA KISS,” the film Ted 2, the tv show "American Horror Story:1984" and more! Alexis has also done 2 theater contracts with Lythgoe Family Panto as a featured role in their original show “Aladdin and His Winter Wish.”

Along with dancing, choreographing has been a huge passion for Alexis. She loves teaching master classes at studios around the world, and setting choreography for their competition seasons. She is a reoccurring choreographer for most Cedar Fair Amusement Parks around America, including Knott’s Berry Farm, California’s Great America, and Cedar Point in Ohio. Her most recent (and biggest) adventure was working for Royal Caribbean Entertainment as assistant choreographer. Every few months she has the pleasure of working in Miami, Florida for show rehearsals, then joining the cast on the cruise ship for staging.

Another proud accomplishment for Alexis is her charity work. She is the Dance Director for a 501c3 non profit organization called “She Is”; a group of professional dancers, based out of Southern California, that teach dance classes as a form of therapy to survivors of sexual abuse and sex trafficking. Through this organization, Alexis has travelled to Cambodia twice to partner with 'safe homes' where they get to bond and dance with survivors. They have been in production of a documentary film, featuring a scene choreographed & performed by Alexis, releasing soon. She loves how humbling this work is, and keeps her in check by giving her perspective. It has taught her that dance is amazing, but dancing for something bigger than yourself is the greatest feeling in the world.

Alexis Gilbert
  • Jazz: "16 Shots" / Alexis Gilbert

    This is one of Alexis’ favorite combo and she's so excited to share it with you! Ge t ready to be challenged with musicality, movement, & technique. And don’t forget to add your own character & intention to give the choreography your own special spice!
    Level: Int/Adv.
    Assisted by: Courtney Campbell

  • Christmas Jazz Combo: "Run Run Rudolph" / Alexis Gilbert ❄️🎄

    In the spirit of Christmas, join Alexis for a fun & festive Jazz combo! Focus on your clean lines and technique all while having a good time!
    Level: Intermediate
    Your Instructor: Alexis Gilbert
    Assisted by: Laci Stoico
    Music: "Run Run Rudolph" Kelly Clarkson

  • Jazz: "Positions" / Alexis Gilbert - Ep01

    It's summertime! Let's keep up the momentum and continue training while having a good time! Join Alexis for a fun, sassy jazz combo full of technique, dynamics, and performance!
    Level: Int/Adv.
    Your Instructor: Alexis Gilbert
    Assisted by: Isabella Bruno and Reggie Valdez
    Music by: "Positions" Ari...

  • Intro to Lyrical: "Pirouettes & Leaps" / Jess & Lex - Ep07

    In this class we talk about turned out pirouettes and right leg leaps! We also add on to our lyrical dance with our focus on getting better each week! We see you! We’ve tackled jazz turns before, and now we're transitioning to ballet/lyrical pirouettes. Keep that supporting leg strong as your ...

  • Intro To Lyrical: "Lame Duck Back Attitude Jump" / Jess & Lex - Ep06

    Up next, we'll work with Alexis on two new elements: the lame duck turn and the back attitude jump! Once you’re comfortable with those we’ll add onto the combo we’ve been working so hard on.

    Your Instructors: Jessica Richens & Alexis Gilbert

  • Intro To Lyrical "Floor Work" / Jess & Lex - Ep05

    This class focuses on how to properly do floor work, plus we add onto our combo. Floor work is so much more than just rolling around on the floor; your core must be activated 24/7, upper body must stay tall, and your legs need to remain strong! Almost every lyrical dance incorporates floor work,...

  • Intro To Lyrical "Fan Kicks & Drag Steps" Jess & Lex - Ep04

    Part 4 of the Intro to Lyrical beginner series! This class will teach you two more eight counts for your lyrical combo while focusing on drag steps and fan kicks. Drag steps are very popular as transitions (or for travel steps), while fan kicks are more technical and require specific technique ...

  • TRAILER: Beginner Series: "Intro To Lyrical" / Jess & Lex

    This incredible beginner series teaches you everything you need to know about the lyrical! This first class is all about learning the true meaning of “lyrical” and taking you through everything you'll learn in the series. We’ll start with a warm up that offers the perfect combination of stretchin...

  • Intro To Lyrical: "Arabesque & Attitudes" / Jess & Lex - Ep 03

    It's episode 3 of Intro to Lyrical! In this class we'll continue our work on the combo, then learn how to properly execute arabesques and attitudes! You can use a ballet bar, a chair, or even a counter for these exercises. Make sure you’re using your turn out from the hips, your shoulders are p...

  • Intro To Lyrical: "Soutenu Turn & Saut De Basque" / Jess & Lex - Ep02

    Let’s learn a soutenu turn! Make sure to keep your inner thighs squeezed, and stay in high relevé to perfect it. You’ll also learn a saut de basque, which is very similar to a soutenu, but it's performed in the air and uses power from a plié. And finally, you'll get a chance to apply the techni...

  • School's In: "Final Showcase" - Ep08

    You've put in the work and learned the fundamentals of jazz, now it’s time to put it all to practice! We’ve created a super fun final showcase routine, combining all the elements you’ve learned ... and we've paired it all with sassy jazz movement! Get ready to have some fun and show off your impr...

  • School's In: "Floor Work" - Ep07

    When it comes to floor work, it is all about control. We don’t want to look like a floppy fish or bug when we go to the floor in the middle of combo, haha! So in this class, we'll learn how to stay in control, while transitioning to and from the ground. We’ll focus on rolling & sliding to the flo...

  • School's In "Beginner Jazz Leaps" - Ep06

    Leaps are all about strength, flexibility, and, ultimately.. effort! We break down how to take off for a leap and how to land correctly. You'll learn how to passé jump, split leap, and even do a firebird! Don’t worry, it sounds a lot harder than it is. Get ready to FLY in today’s class!
    Level: B...

  • School's In: Jazz Battements & Leg Holds - Ep04

    Battements & leg holds are very popular elements in jazz! But it’s important to know that the height of the legs are not the most important part, it’s your technique that matters most! Once your technique is solid, you can start focusing on getting your legs more flexible. Learn to master these ...

  • School's In: Arabesques & Penchés - Ep05

    In this class let's focus on a very important jazz line: the arabesque! Then, we'll take it another step further and work on penchés. Don’t let penchés make you nervous, as we’ll go step by step to make sure you can execute them well. Be patient with yourself, these techniques can take time but w...

  • School's In: Jazz Turns Part 2 - Ep03

    A continuation of your turns class, let's take it a step further and learn how to pirouette, coupé turn, and pencil turn! It may feel like you have to remember a million things at once, but with enough practice, it’ll all be second nature! As always, expect a short combination at the end of clas...

  • TRAILER! School's In: Beginner Jazz Series / Jess & Lex

    You'll love this 8 part beginner series teaching you jazz and beyond! Each class ends with a small performance/practice and the entire curriculum builds towards a final Jazz Combo incorporating everything you've learned!
    Level: Beginner
    Your instructors: Jessica Richens & Alexis Gilbert


  • School's In: Jazz Turns Part 1 - Ep02

    Let’s focus on turns! There are so many ways you can incorporate turning into your jazz training. Make sure you keep your core tight, keep a specific spot, and have the right placement. Let's dive into how to execute chaîné turns, piqué turns, and how to prepare for a pirouette! We’ll end the cl...

  • School's In: Beginner Jazz / Jess & Lex - Ep01

    You'll love this all new 8 episode Beginner Series with Jessica Richens & Alexis Gilbert!
    In your first class, you'll learn the fundamentals of strong technique and jazz! We'll work on how to do a proper and confident jazz walk, pas de bureauxs, and pivot turns! Then, this class (and every class...

  • Jess & Lex's Beginner Series: Contemporary - Ep08

    Focus on the importance of matching the energy of movement to music! If you’re dancing to a soft part of the song, your movements will become more soft; and if you’re dancing to strong beats, your movements will become sharper. Find those dynamics and add in your own emotion so you can tell YOUR ...

  • Jess & Lex's Beginner Series: "Musical Theatre" - Ep07

    Are you ready to have some fun? This upbeat musical theater combo is a blast to learn and perform for family or friends! We're taking it back to the 60's with some shimmy’s and jives!
    Level: Beginner
    Your instructor: Alexis Gilbert & Jessica Richens

  • Jess & Lex's Beginner Series: "Stretch & Strength" - Ep05

    Have you struggled with balance during a leg hold? Do you want to improve your back flexibility? Then, you’ll love this class! You’ll go through strengthening & stretching exercises that will help you understand how important it is to combine both to execute flexibility tricks. You'll learn that ...

  • Jess & Lex's Beginner Series: "Turns" - Ep02

    This class focuses on the fundamentals of turning. We start with how to spot, chaîné turn, piqué turn, and work up to doing a pirouette! This class is perfect for beginners who are eager to learn everything there is to know about being successful at turning! Remember to do our warm-up video befo...

  • Jess & Lex's Beginner Series: "Warm Up" - Ep01

    You know 'em from "So You Think You Can Dance" and more, now you can join Jessica Richens & Alexis Gilbert in The Space TV's exclusive, all new Beginner Series. In this first class, you can work with Jess & Lex work on strengthening and stretching with their full body warm up to ensure you’re re...